Paddle Off the War Vets Visit Memphis

"Paddle Off the War" USMC Veteran Stops in Memphis

Marine Corporal Joshua Ploetz (USMC) has made a brief stop in our very own Memphis, TN on his “Paddle Off the War” journey down the Mississippi River.

Cpl. Ploetz is a combat veteran and began his journey on May 19th from Lake Itasca in Minnesota. His overall journey, totaling 2,350 miles over 64 days in a one-man canoe, is part of Josh’s ongoing effort to address his combat related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Cpl. Ploetz has named his journey, “Paddle Off the War.”

On Monday, July 14th, Shelby County Commissioner Heidi Shafer, along with Memphis Navy League Council members led by President Charles Beech, welcomed Joshua at 3:00 p.m. on the north side of the new Beale Street Landing facility in downtown Memphis.

Cpl. Ploetz served two tours of duty in Afghanistan with the 3rd Marine Regiment as a machine gunner. He is committed to conquering the hidden war which rages within him and many veterans returning from conflicts around the world.

Joshua would like to promote PTSD awareness and the mission of the Baton which he is carrying in his canoe from Lake Itasca to Venice, LA, by raising money to support fellow wounded warriors and sufferers of PTSD. His route can be found on the Allied Forces Foundation website, and he asks that you visit the site and support him and his cause. All funds raised will go to support fellow wounded warriors and sufferers of PTSD here in the USA.

Navy League Memphis presented Joshua with a check for $1000.00, donated by council members, during his stop in Memphis.

Visit the website to donate HERE


Navy League Memphis Council President Charles Beech assisted by council member Trish Sorce, presents a check for $1000.00 to Josh Ploetz and his cause "Paddle Off the War"


Event sponsors Walker and Ann Ulhorn greet Corporal Ploetz.


Corporal Ploetz addresses the local media with his "highway", the Mighty Mississippi, in the background.



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