Navy League Memphis

From Our Council President, Vic Cooper

Friends of the Navy:

Hello, my name is Vic Cooper, and I have the honor to be the new Council President of Navy League Memphis.  I would like to applaud Cage Carruthers for the exceptional job he did as previous Council President.  I have big shoes to fill but look forward to guiding the Navy League Memphis to even higher heights!  Thanks for supporting our mission!

The city of Memphis is a Navy town, and the entire “901” area is a strong Navy region. Our Navy League Memphis Council consists of a talented and dedicated group of volunteers, who understand the importance of freely accessible sea lanes around the globe, and the need for large and modern United States sea components. In concert with the National Navy League, our mission is to:

In executing our mission, the Memphis Navy League hosts or supports a wide variety of events, and provides funding for numerous sea service causes. Some of these efforts include:

Participating as a member of our Navy League is an excellent way to provide support for those who serve our county in the maritime environments. No prior service affiliation is required. If interested, please check the “Join Us” section of this website.

Fair Winds,

Vic Cooper

President – Memphis Council

Navy League of the United States