Navy League Memphis

The Navy League depends on passionate individuals like you to support those currently serving and advocate for the sea services. Our local council adopts ships and shore commands, rewards and honors enlisted personnel, supports numerous military youth leadership units, host dinners and celebrations for military personnel, and supports family members left behind when spouses and parents are deployed. At the national level, membership allows you to help our legislative affairs team fight on behalf of our sea services and educate government officials. No prior military service is required to be a member.

Membership Information and Application

Membership is $90.00 per year, $35.00 to our local council, and $55.00 to the national organization. This includes a subscription to SEAPOWER magazine, published monthly.   You must be a National member to join our local council.


If you prefer to view SEAPOWER digitally rather than receive the monthly publication, you may become a member for only $60 per year.  $35 is still designated for our local council membership and $25 is sent to the national organization.

Our membership committee will ensure that the monies are split and routed properly, where appropriate.  If you are paying as a new member, you will receive a national membership card and also start receiving SEAPOWER magazine shortly thereafter.   You may mail in a membership application and check, or you may join and pay online.

Thank you for your support!

National and Local Dues

National and Local Dues Includes (SEAPOWER) Magazine mailed monthly

National Electronic and Local Dues

(Received SEAPOWER digitally)

Local Dues

Primarily if you pay national dues directly to national organization or if you are a lifetime member


If you would like to join Navy League and mail in your payment, click HERE for a mail-in application.

Your email address and mailing address are both needed for our application records. 


As a member of the Memphis Council, you may participate in programs and special activities which support the men and women of the Mid-South sea services and provide information and programs to educate our community about the importance of sea power to our nations’ security and continued economic well being. As a member, you will have the opportunity to offer support to various programs and events associated with Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mid-South such as:

  • Morale events for First Class Petty Officers Associations and Junior Enlisted Associations of Navy Personnel Command, Navy Recruiting Command, Navy Manpower Analysis Center and NSA
  • Mid-South Navy Birthday Ball
  • Sailor-of-the-Year Recognition Breakfast
  • Navy Week in Memphis
You will be informed and invited to support opportunities for our adopted units:

You will be informed and invited to support all Navy League Events throughout the year including:

You will also be informed of other Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard related events in the area such as Army/Navy Football Watch Event, Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign and Birdies for the Brave events.

All the above areas give us an opportunity to provide direct, hands-on support to the men and women who work for our freedom. 

Membership in the Navy League Memphis Council will offer you a networking opportunity with the military, interested citizens and both community and business leaders. You will enjoy the camaraderie of our members as we work together to fulfill the mission of the Navy League.